Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bug infestation is a serious thing. These bed bugs are tiny insect which feed on blood. They can cover up to 100ft so they can be anywhere, in offices, hotels, even in your home. Eradication of these bed bugs can be very difficult. Once you catch that your house has bed bugs take immediate action. If you are late and it has grown to a massive infestation then you have to call in professional pest control guys. They will surely get rid of those bed bugs but not without handing you a hefty bill. So good housekeeping and general awareness are the keys to prevent infestations at an early stage. To understand more about Bed Bug Treatments the University of Minnesota has provided a guide and pdf.

Simple housekeeping guide:

  • If you remove all clutter from your home, it will make finding bed bugs easier.
  • Don’t forget to wash and dry your bed linens often using the hottest temperature allowed for the fabric.
  • Closely inspect any second-hand furniture for bed bugs before you bring it into your home.
  • Inspect your home regularly – after a move-in, a trip, a service worker comes in, or guests stay overnight.

Simple travelling guide: while travelling, think of the acronym S.L.E.E.P.

  • Survey surfaces for signs of bed bug infestation, like tiny rust-colored spots on bed sheets, mattress tags and seams, and bed skirts.
  • Lift and look for all the probable bed bug hiding spots, including underneath the mattress, bed frame, headboard, and furniture. Typically, they come out at night to feed, but during the day, they are most likely found within a 5-foot radius of the bed which is a perfect hiding place.
  • Elevate your luggage on a luggage rack. Make sure it is away from the bed and wall, since bed bugs can often hide behind head boards, artwork, picture frames and electrical outlet panels.
  • Examine your luggage with utmost care while repacking and when you return home. Don’t forget to keep luggage off the bed and store it in a closet or other area, far away from your bedroom.
  • Place all your clothing from your luggage immediately in the dryer for at least 15-20 minutes at the highest setting upon returning home from your trip.

Simple office guide:

  • Vacuum and clean all areas.
  • Eliminate clutter if possible – especially in storage areas.
  • Carefully inspect while unpacking new inventory.
  • Encourage employees to report suspected bed bug activity immediately, and always contact a pest professional to investigate each claim.
  • If a bed bug infestation is found, call professional pest control team.