treating bed bugs with vinegar

What Home Remedies Are There for Treating Bed Bugs with Vinegar?

When you discover that there are bed bugs in your home, it can be extremely disconcerting. Not only are these pests difficult to get rid of, but they are very expensive to exterminate. The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to treat a room one time to a few thousand to treat the whole house. Often the exterminator needs to return several times to make sure that they are all gone.

What Gets Rid of Bed Bugs?

The most effective treatment to eliminate bed bugs is heat. They will die in temperatures over 119 degrees, and their eggs will die when it is hotter than 125 degrees. If you hire a company to heat your home to these high temperatures, they will kill the bed bugs.

The problem is that this is a very expensive treatment, and it doesn’t guarantee that the bed bugs won’t come back into your home. You can also use a steam cleaner to kill them, but you need to save up to buy one. It is very rare that pest control companies use pesticides because bed bugs are hard to find and fairly resistant to this kind of treatment.

You can try a homemade remedy, such as a vinegar bed bug spray. This will help you to deal with a bed bug problem until you can come up with a long lasting plan.

Does Vinegar Kill Bed Bugs?

Many people have vinegar in their homes, and if not, it is pretty easy to come by. It isn’t a toxic chemical or a pesticide, but it can effectively kill bed bugs. Vinegar is an acetic acid that is able to disrupt an insect’s nervous system, which is why you will have some success when you use it. It is a great natural ingredient that can kill bed bugs and keep them away from you.

How to Use Vinegar Against Bed Bugs

Vinegar can be especially effective in the beginning of an infestation. You can make a spray with white vinegar. You will need a plastic spray bottle, and you can pour white vinegar into it. You can buy the white vinegar at your grocery store. If you know where the infested area is, you should start by spraying the perimeter. You can also spray the cracks in the walls and spaces under the furniture.

If you spray any of the bed bugs directly, they will die. If you see any bed bugs loose in your home, spray them directly. They will die. You should soak all of the surfaces where you have seen bed bugs, including your mattresses, furniture, carpet, walls, window sills, baseboards, and anywhere else you can think of.

Bed bugs can hide in many different spots, so you should soak everything you have with the vinegar. If you repeat this process every week, you will reduce the number of bed bugs in your home.

One caution to keep in mind: never mix vinegar with bleach. This can cause a toxic gas of chlorine to form, which can be very dangerous for you and your loved ones to inhale.

The Advantages of Using Vinegar

There are several advantages to using vinegar to treat bed bugs in your home. This method can be used for effective short-term relief on new infestations. It is safe, and you can spray an unlimited amount of vinegar without worrying that it will have any harmful effects. It does smell, but it won’t hurt you. It is much safer than chemicals and pesticides.

Another advantage is that this method is safe to use in a home that has children and pets. You do not have to worry about either becoming sick if they ingest the vinegar. In addition, it is very inexpensive and readily available.

Cleaning with Vinegar

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Bed bug treatments can be very expensive, and you might need to save up for it. Using vinegar offers a solution that you can use immediately to start the process of getting rid of these pests. It disrupts their nervous system and kills them. It may not work as a deterrent, but if you can flush the bed bugs out and they go into the vinegar, they will die.

What Else Can You Do to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

You can use your vacuum to try to get rid of any bed bugs that you can’t spray with the vinegar. You can use the attachments to suction up areas such as under furniture, in the cracks in the floors and walls, and more, and make sure that you change the vacuum bag when you finish.

You can also have your house steamed. This is less expensive than doing a full heat treatment or using a pest control company. You can rent a powerful steamer that heats the water to at least 200 degrees because it needs to create surface temperatures between 160 and 180 degrees to kill the bed bugs.

Finally, you can get a mattress cover for your bed, which will trap any bed bugs that are living inside it. The covering needs to be completely sealed, and you should not take it off for at least two years. Bed bugs can go anywhere from six months to a year without eating, so you need to give it more than enough time to make sure that there aren’t any survivors.

Final Words

Vinegar is a great home remedy for bed bugs because it is capable of killing them on contact. Vinegar is acetic and will disrupt the nervous system of these pests. This can be a great inexpensive solution to help you deal with this problem right away, as you can use white vinegar from the grocery store.

Vinegar isn’t toxic, and it will kill any bed bugs it comes in contact with. You can reduce an infestation by soaking the places where they like to hide once a week. This is an effective way of handling your bed bug problem when you aren’t in a position to hire a pest control company.

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