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How do you get rid of bed bugs fast?

Bed bugs can be a really annoying pest in your house, especially if you become allergic to their bites and wake up with red spots and really nasty lesions all over your skin. But they can be pretty difficult to exterminate if you don’t know a few tips and tricks we will disclose in this article.

So, stay with us if you want to get rid of bed bugs fast. It might still take a while, but they will stop biting you and you will get back to your normal life.

Don’t make it easy for bed bugs

Our first recommendation to you is to stop making it easy for bed bugs to exist in your bedroom and home. Sometimes what we do and the things we have around are perfect places and practices for bed bugs to thrive.

So, consider the following changes and do it yourself bed bug control in your bedroom and other parts of your home:

  • Reduce their hiding spots: These little crawlers need to hide during the day to survive. That’s why you don’t see them around. If you have stacked newspapers or magazines, old items, and too much clutter at home, it will be a perfect place for them to hide, and maybe reproduce. Ask yourself what you can donate and what items you no longer need. A clear space makes no room for bed bugs
  • Clean your personal space: If you keep everything clean, the chance of having bed bugs will be reduced. It is also important to keep your clothes clean and avoid having a tall mountain of laundry in your bedroom. When you wash your bedding and clothing, place them in sealed plastic bags. Also, vacuum or wash your floors, and throw the vacuum bag to the bin using a double bag.
  • Inspect for dark crevices: Remember that bed bugs usually hide in dark crevices and cracks in your furniture, baseboards, and personal items. Even loose wallpaper can be a suitable place for them to hide. You definitely want to repair any damage to your wall or furniture to get rid of bed bugs fast.
  • Optimize your bed and bed linens: Ideally, your bed should be separated 6 inches from the nearest wall. It’s not a good practice to place your bed next to the wall. Also, everything from your bed linens to the pillow case and sheets should be thoroughly washed and dried. Once cleaned, they should be sealed in bags. Additionally, you want to check under your bed for items you need to discard or place somewhere else.
  • Consider getting expert help: Even after considering all of the above, you might need expert help to get rid of bed bugs. For example, even if you check for every dark crevice and crack at home, you might not know how to check on power outlets. These professionals can find signs of infestation and help you get rid of bed bugs fast.

Extermination tips and tools

There are many methods, tips and tools you can try to exterminate bed bugs or at least prevent their bites. For example:

  • Boiled water: If you don’t have a drier, you can also sink your garments and bedding in boiled water. It will exterminate bed bugs at 120ºF and above. So, consider this if your drier does not reach this temperature, if your clothes are not made for a drier, or if you don’t have one.
  • Steaming: Yes! Steamers kill bed bugs. This method is fantastic to eliminate bed bugs from your house specifically carpets. After vacuuming and throwing the bag outside on a double bag, you can also steam your carpets. Similar to boiled water, the temperature should at least reach 120ºF to be effective.
  • Insecticides: There are plenty of insecticides you can use for bed bugs. If you buy one of these bed bugs sprays, check the label and buy those that contain something called IGR, or Insect Growth Regulator. These are very effective, especially if your infestation is only starting or if this is the first time you see signs of bed bugs.
  • Alcohol: Rubbing alcohol can be an alternative method if you don’t have anything else around. But do not rely on alcohol alone. It kills bed bugs when they come in direct contact with it, but it is not a completely reliable method by itself. Keep in mind that alcohol will not kill bed bug eggs, so you can use this method temporarily until you get something that’s really designed to get rid of bed bugs fast.
  • Diatomaceous earth: This is one of the best methods you can use by yourself. It is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. If you have pets, you can use diatomaceous earth confidently because it won’t affect them. This method kills bed bugs and many other insects, and you can find it in powder form or in a spray.
  • Neem and tea tree oil: This type of oil works very well to repel bed bugs. They do not kill bed bugs, but will make you feel safer if you apply the oil to your skin before your bedtime. Keep in mind that these methods can be toxic for cats, small dogs, and pet birds. So, if you own pets, you need a pet-friendly solution instead.
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If you have a new infestation, all of this may sound too much and overwhelming. But after a while you will understand what bed bugs need to survive, and will know what to do to get rid of bed bugs fast. If you’re not sure or consider your infestation is massive, talk to a professional pest control team. They have the expertise and tools to give you faster solutions that will work on the long-term.


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